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Pet Treat Free Standing Lace FSL Ornaments / Bookmarks

Here are my latest freestanding lace bone and fish designs. I have embroidered the names of our pets on them and plan to use them on our Christmas tree. In the meantime they can be used as fun bookmarks.






They stitch out in approximately 8-10 minutes(without a name) depending on the speed of your machine. They are in my shop if you are wanting to try them out.

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FSL – Free Standing Lace Fishing Set

What child or adult¬† wouldn’t love to play with this? They’re very own FSL fishing hook ready to catch the fish taking a big bite of the worm.

Fsl fishing

Both designs stitch out in around 15-16mins. The fish and worm fit the 5 x 7 hoop and the fishing hook fits the 4 x4 hoop. I wouldn’t recommend placing more than once lace design in the hoop at a time, however I have had success with this design and my machine/hoop combination by having the fish and hook stitch out in the same hooping. I would recommend testing first with your combination of stabilizer, threads and machine if you combine them in one hooping

FSL Fishing

Use a rod and some fishing line to turn them into a fun quiet game, or use them as bookmarks or bag tags.  You could make a bunch of these for some birthday party fun.

For now they can be purchased as a set in my Shop.